Arkane Studios

Position : Level Architect
Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox ONE

I joined Arkane Studios during the preproduction of Dishonored 2. It's the first time I'm involved in the development of a game from start to finish.

New World Interactive

Position : Level Designer & Artist
Platform : PC, MAC
3D Engine : Source Engine

I joined New World Interactive in July 2013 to support the team on level building for the beta and final state of the game. I was in charge of polishing some of the "near final state" and also established the architecture style and the general mood of some maps. So all this work is collaborative.

Valve Software

Position : Map Contributor
Platform : PC
3D Engine : Source Engine

I was always interested in level creation for the Counter Strike franchise because of the simplicity of his game mechanics and his popularity. My first finished level was for the 1.6 version and I made it with Worldcraft 2.1 in 2003 (I was really late). I'm still loving making stuff for this kind of game and I wanted to be involved in the community of the new Counter Strike : Global offensive.

Ubisoft Paris Studios

Position : Level Artist
Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360
3D Engine : Yeti

I joined Ubisoft late in the development in September of 2011 to firstly work on the multiplayer mode called Guerrilla. It's a four players cooperation mode with the possibility for two players to play on splitscreen on console. I worked closely with level designers on three different levels based on campaign mission. My main role was to build levels with the strong layout modifications added to fit guerrilla gameplay and to optimize levels to allow splitscreen on PS3 and XBOX 360.

I also worked on the campaign mode, bringing more or less support on three different missions. My main role was to dress the environments in the game but I also made a large set of props and textures and took part in fixing bugs.

Valve Software

Position : Contractual Level Designer
Platform : PC, MAC
3D Engine : Source Engine

Initially, making a level for this game was just a hobby but I started making some serious stuff during my studies and it became a real job with the creation of Koth_Kongking.