The Bullet Crops Project is the lovechild of a team of young French developers, fans of Team Fortress 2 and mapping, who decided to join together to offer their contribution to the great game that is Team Fortress 2. Our project allows you to use all the assets we we have created in your own custom map. Sadly, this long project is yet unfinnished, and we hope to find some good mappers who can create official maps for the project. Click here to download our BulletCrops Pack!

This list is not exhaustive, if you want to see all the content at once, a zoo is provided with the pack. There are also some historical theme prototypes.

models oceanic TF2
Don't try to outrun it.
Pallet Truck
For moving things from point A to point B.
Train Wagon
Wait? Where's my cabin ?
Certified "Best" (by Mann Co. Industries)
Water Container
Yes, of course, it's water ! You can drink it, go ahead !
Normal Door
Order is neccessary in a base. Doors represent order.
Round Grid
For filtrating waste.
Square Grid
for filtrating waste and intruders !
Big Door
For big things, like submarines.
Cafeteria Chair
We got a discount deal at Ikea, we bought 32 of them.
Because I'm not pushing your submarine.
5-bladed proppeller
more blades = more deaths
For observing the beauty of marine life.
Big Porthole
When you need to see an ophtalmologist.
Come one now, you can figure this one out by yourself.
It's yellow, we know. We paid a lot of royalties for it.
Big Elbow Pipe
Why go straight when you can be queer?
It's looks delicious, right? Even better than Sandvich!
Big Pipe
Do you like playing the big pipes?
Air Tank
Living under the sea is not that easy.
Big Air Tank
For big breathers.
Double air Tank
For Heavy breathers
Globe Statue
Because how else are you going to remember where you are in the world?
Kitchen Chair
For thoses who don't want to eat off the floor.
Ugly, ain't it ?
Shoal of Fishes
Do not panic ! It's just a shoal of fishes ! A shoal of UGLY fishes !
don't we have enough water piping already?
Door Handle
Pleased to meet you Mr. Doorhandle.
Out of Order Sign
For When things are out of order.
Vending Machine
Because even under the sea, you may get thristy.
More Pipes
A set of 6 pipes variations.

models maritime TF2
for navigating, and stuff.
Small Buoy
So you don't scratch your boat's paint!
Strange Buoy
Because variety is the essence of buoydom.
French bicycle to be exact, very picturesque, isn't it?
Made in France: bad quality, has a wine-rack and smells of cheese.
Very important, be careful to NEVER fall into sewers...
To beautify your town. who doesn't love flowers?
An adorable little fountain. Toss in a coin, wish for new weapons.
Boat With Cabin
do you have anything to hide in your boat, Sir?
Simple Boat
You don't need a roof in Britain. it never rains there!
It looks old and abandonned. How Omnious.
Barrel of Fishes
As easy as shooting fich in a barr-oh nevermind.
Big Window
Stop spying on me! You little pervert !
With rounded corners, For looking good while looking out.
Wood Display
Got some fish to sell, rack 'em in.
To protect your supplies, come rain, sleet, or shine.
Big Big Window
Well, it's not that big, but it's got plenty of small windows...
Simple Shutter
Yeah, you know what for, you little pervert.
A set a 2 independant shutters, Like granpa used to make.
For fishin' on the high seas.
Lifeguard Buoy
Oh man! Where is Pamela? I need mouth to mouth!
Sea Mark
East, North, South, East : Now you know where you're going, and knowledge is power!
Angle Wall Stone
To prettify your walls angles.
Windows Stone
To decorate your windows.
Become an eco-citizen today!
Trashcan Top
for keeping cats and hobos out of your trash.
A door
Because you can't progress without opening a few doors.
Beach Cabin
Becasue the pyro must put on the costume in full secrecy.
Open Beach Cabin
The same, with no door... Wait ! Where is the door ?!
"I want to marry a lighthouse keeper - And keep him company"
Cool chair to sit on while observing the sea.
Do I really have to explain wha t a table is for?
To hold boats when they are moored.
To see your enemies walking the streets...even at night
Maybe a ghost left it here.
Chain and Pole
Some chain linked to a pole.
I hear sirens! Who called the fire department ?
Trash Container
We are big fans of crates in video games!
Wood bench
Look at my bench, my bench is amazing... Give it a lick...
models woods TF2
Work Bench
For the "do-it-yourself" lovers !
Fake Deer
Wait? What? Why?
So you can hidein the forest.
For big boys, with big logs...
To hide secret entrances to secret caverns with secret intelligence.
There seems to be something other than water in this one.
Dark Fern
Give life to your forest!
Give MORE life to your forest!
Fake Wild Boar
Becasue youwon't find a real boar in the RED base.
To store wood, weapons, etc. ...
Logs Pile
for example, this log pile.
Bear Trophy Head
"Canelle", that was her name...
They are dark, they are strange, I wouldn't eat them if I were you.
Mushrooms #2
These look better, but eat at your own risk.
Mushrooms #3
They smell like farts. Yuck.
Mushrooms #4
Finally ! These at least they look tasty, but appearances can be deceiving...
Birch Tree
Interesting leaves...
Wood Barriers
A set of 3 barriers.
textures oceanic TF2
textures maritime TF2
textures woods TF2
BulletCrops Project - New themes and contents for your custom TF2 maps !
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